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Periodontal Care
Chicago, IL

Diseases that attack the mouth can be very damaging, and periodontal disease is no different. Periodontal disease is a form of gum disease that occurs after gingivitis. While gingivitis can oftentimes be treated and reversed with excellent oral hygiene at home, periodontitis leaves permanent damage even after treatment which is why it is important to get care as soon as possible. At East Village Dental Centre we are serious about caring for patients because we understand that oral health is just as important as your overall health.

Caring For Periodontitis

The first step to treating periodontitis is eliminating the bacteria that are attacking the mouth. When you come in, we will do what is known as root scaling and root planing. Root scaling involves removing plaque and tartar along the entire length of the tooth, including below the gumline where a concentration of plaque builds up. Because the gums have receded, there is additional exposed areas of the tooth, which results in more area for bacteria to cling to. This can make it easier to miss spots while brushing. Root planing involves smoothing the surface of the tooth to get rid of rough patches where bacteria can hide in and wreak havoc.

Patients suffering from periodontitis should have regular visits every 3-6 months for a follow-up. It is more difficult to clean a mouth with periodontitis damages which can result in the disease process starting again if not careful. We may also prescribe antibiotics to keep bacteria levels under control.

You should still care for your mouth every day at home. Ensure you are brushing twice a day without missing a day - it only takes 24 hours for noticeable plaque to start developing. You should also floss every day - at least once, but preferably 3 times a day for patients with periodontitis. Flossing is especially important for those with the condition due to the increased vulnerability of the mouth and as previously mentioned, there is more exposed tooth surface for bacteria to cling to.

Oral care also involves looking after your diet. Sugary foods, sugary beverages, and starches will create an environment for bacteria to thrive in. We encourage patients to have a diet consisting of plenty of produce and healthy proteins while keeping sweets and sugary drinks as a very occasional thing if you must have it.

Foods such as carrots, celery, salmon, kale, spinach, cheese, and even dark chocolate are healthy parts of a diet and will benefit both your body and mouth. For a tasty beverage that will energize you, we are fans of green tea - it is full of antioxidants and can help reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes.

Are you In Need Of Oral Care?

If you believe you are suffering from oral health problems, we are here to help you at East Village Dental Centre. If you would like to talk to us and schedule an appointment, you can call us at 773-341-9325. We want to ensure that each patient is treated and is able to have their smile restored.




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Periodontal Care | East Village Dental Centre - Chicago, IL
At East Village Dental Centre, we are serious about periodontal care for patients since we understand that oral health is just as important as your overall health. Click to learn more.
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