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Teeth Whitening
Chicago, IL

Do you wish you had a bright white smile? Many people desire a smile similar to the ones they see with their favorite celebrities, and with professional whitening, you can achieve the results you are seeking.

If your teeth are healthy but want to get rid of stains and yellowing quickly, seeing our dentists at East Village Dental Centre can be the solution you are looking for. This is what you can expect during a whitening appointment.

What Is It Like To Have Teeth Professionally Whitened?

Having your teeth whitened can be done in a single afternoon and produce drastic results that many patients are surprised by when they walk out. It is a great boost in confidence and provides an incentive to continue keeping up on oral hygiene and possibly avoiding food and beverages known for staining teeth.

When you come in to have your teeth whitened, we will make a record of the current color and shade of your teeth after which they are polished, and plaque is removed. To prevent the whitening solution from affecting the rest of your mouth. We will place a barrier along your gumline and use retractors to keep your gums, lips, tongue, and cheeks away from the solution.

Once you are ready, we will put the whitening solution on your teeth. This is a gel-like substance with a large amount of hydrogen peroxide which is the active ingredient that provides the whitening effects. The solution is then heated to allow the peroxide to trigger its whitening properties. This process is repeated until the desired shade of teeth is achieved and the overall procedure should take less than an hour.

Retaining Your Smile with Teeth Whitening in Chicago

After you leave, keeping your new smile is something you’ll want to do. You will be instructed to not consume food and beverages that are known for staining for 24 hours such as tomato-based foods, coffee, red wine, and tea. Try to keep consumption of these to a minimum or use a straw when drinking beverages with staining properties. It can feel strange drinking certain drinks through a straw, but your teeth will thank you for it.

You likely have paid out of pocket for the whitening treatment and we want you to enjoy your smile for as long as possible. If you take good care of your teeth and watch out for staining, the whitening effect can last for up to 3 years.

It is also important to remember that just because your teeth appear white does not mean they are necessarily healthy. Remember to brush twice a day and floss to have a healthy mouth.

We Are Here to Give You a Brighter Smile!

If you are interested in transforming your smile, we are available for your cosmetic dentistry needs at East Village Dental Centre. If you are around Chicago and would like to schedule a dentist appointment with us or ask questions, you can call our office at 773-341-9325 to take the next steps toward a new smile you will love. We are looking forward to seeing you in the near future!




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