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Dental Teeth Bonding

Restoring teeth does not always have to involve a dental crown. Small chips, cracks, and significant gaps in teeth are frequently harmless health-wise, but they will impact a smile, which may result in the person feeling less confident. Treatment for problems like this can involve bonding, which is an affordable way to correct cosmetic imperfections and provide you with a smile that exceeds all of your expectations. At East Village Dental Centre, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services to help augment or restore your smile to its intended glory.

Teeth Bonding Provides Drastic Results

Bonding involves filling in a missing part of a tooth with composite resin. Since the resin used for bonding is tintable, we can easily color match the bonding to the surrounding area. The final result is a smile that is not only easy to maintain but also looks completely natural.

The material is able to stick and bond to your teeth with a special liquid that is applied after a simple abrasion process. The composite resin material is then applied and then hardened after it has been expertly shaped. This procedure takes less than 60 minutes overall, and it does not require the use of anesthesia.

Does The Bonded Material Last Forever?

A tooth that has undergone a bonding procedure is not as strong as a completely natural tooth. Some habits can damage the material used, such as chewing ice and pens or biting your nails. Composite resin does not stand up well regarding staining, so it is recommended to limit the consumption of food and beverages that can stain the material quickly, such as coffee, wine, and tomato-based foods. The bonded tooth can last up to 7 years with proper care.

Ensure you are brushing twice a day with your favorite fluoride toothpaste as well. This can help limit built-up, stains, and more importantly - keep your mouth healthy to prevent tooth decay and gum disease that will require additional treatment.

Cost of Dental Bonding

As previously mentioned, having damaged or spaced teeth that are fixed with bonding is one of the most affordable restoration procedures available. The procedure can be as little as $150 depending on the tooth and the amount of material required for restoration.

Things To Be Aware Of Before Deciding To Have Your Teeth Bonded

For most people, bonding is an excellent way to restore a smile, but there are some things to be aware of. People who grind and clench their teeth can quickly damage the material used, and thus, we usually will recommend that you use a custom mouthguard at night and to try and avoid the action as best you can during the day. We want your new smile to last you for years!

Do you find that you use your teeth as tools for tearing and opening things that are harder to get with your fingers? This is a dangerous habit that can quickly damage the composite resin material. This is called a parafunctional habit, and we recommend doing what you can to curb the urge to use your teeth as tools.

Are You Ready For a New Smile?

At East Village Dental Centre we are here for your cosmetic dentistry needs. If you would like to schedule an appointment for teeth bonding or anything else, you can call our Chicago dentist office at 773-341-9325.




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At East Village Dental Centre, we offer dental bonding to help augment or restore your smile to its intended glory. Click here to learn more.
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