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Should You Whiten Before or After Getting Braces?

Posted on 1/24/2022 by East Village Dental Centre
Should You Whiten Before or After Getting Braces?Many people like the idea of having their teeth straighter as well as whiter. Therefore, some patients wonder if it is better to have an in-office whitening done before or after orthodontic treatment.

Getting Teeth Whitened

While some orthodontic patients are anxious about getting their teeth whitened, patience is a virtue in this respect. Whitening the teeth is not necessary before getting braces, as you will wear the braces for about two years so that no one will notice the effects of the whitening process. Even if you wear tooth-colored ceramic braces or lingual braces hidden behind the teeth, it is better to wait. Your teeth will be going through some changes, so you don't want to make too many alterations at once.

When to Whiten the Teeth Once the Braces Are Removed

If you want to whiten your teeth after removing your braces, you should wait about six months before proceeding with the treatment. That is because the gums and teeth are tender right after the removal of brackets and braces, so it is better to wait until your tissues, teeth, and gums are less tender. The whitening process can cause tooth and gum sensitivity, so you should wait six months before scheduling an in-office whitening.

Whitening Your Newly Straightened Teeth

In-office whitening involves whitening the teeth with a concentrated peroxide formula that lightens the teeth several shades whiter. If you choose to have your new smile whitened, it will be worth the wait, as you can smile with even more confidence.

Do you have any questions about improving the looks of your smile? Do you think it could be fuller or straighter? If so, call us anytime with your inquiries and to set an appointment for an exam. We can schedule a consultation that will fit in with your busy schedule. Why not schedule an appointment now?




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